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Private lessons

$100 for the first hour and $50 for each additional hour (max 2 bakers) 3-4 hours is the recommended time to start from scratch, bake & decorate 6-8 cookies per person (depending on size). Pricing includes- ME! And, all ingredients and supplies for baking and decorating (pans, rolling pins, cookie cutters etc. We can discuss what equipment you already have), design choice, and a gift bag (including cookie and icing recipes!) from Little Birdie.


Guided decorating party From scratch

This includes starting from scratch. Bakers will learn how to make & roll dough, use cookie cutters, make icing, mix icing colors and all the tips & tricks to decorate beautiful cookies. 6-8 cookies (depending on size & design) Gift bag from Little Birdie- including cookie and icing recipes. 4 hour guided tutorial (with ME ☺️) $60 per baker Each additional hour $50

Decorating party!

Learn to decorate like a pro! This party includes 6-8 pre- baked cookies per baker (pre-determined designs) and all the tools needed to make your designs come to life! Each baker will have their own station that includes their cookies, icing bags, tools, and embellishments to make a beautiful set. $50 per baker 2 hour guided tutorial


Cookie kits!

Cookie kits are great for your young ones who just want to play with icing and cookies! Each kit includes pre-baked cookies, icing bags, parchment placemat and colorful sprinkle mixes.


Small kit 6 traditional vanilla sugar cookies, 3 icing colors, 2 sprinkle mixes, parchment placemat $25


Large kit 12 cookies 4 icing colors, 3 sprinkle mixes, parchment placemat $40


Extra large kit 18 cookies, 4 icing colors, 3 sprinkle mixes, 1 scribe tool, parchment placemat $52


Theme ideas- All holidays, princess, (ie. castle, dress, crown), spring (bunny, flower, egg), summer, fall, winter, harvest time, birthday party, makeup, trucks, dinosaurs, unicorns, sports, etc. (Make your own- I likely have any theme you’d want!)



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